Hi, I'm Sharon Humphrey from the MHS Class of 1969.  Would you be interested in an ALL Classes of the 1960's Reunion?  If so ... Please, reply to this with your e-mail address and graduating year no later than May 1, 2019 to my private address:  dynaldy1@att.net.   I must have your e-mail address in order to send the MHS 1960's Reunion Survey...  which is your opportunity to be heard and vote on your interests regarding  when,  where and  what you want in our ALL Classes of the 1960’s Reunion.

The purpose of this reunion is to celebrate all the McAlester High School classes of the 1960s, before and after us.      We are modeling this series of reunions after the highly successful nine years of "That 70's Reunion"!  Just ask anybody who graduated in the 1970s.  
They coordinate the 70’s Reunion on the same weekend as that particular year’s reunion and celebrate the ALL year 70’s Reunion with a dinner on that Friday night.     Then, they (we)  can choose  to  be  guests of that particular year’s reunion Saturday night festivities for a fee of $10 per person at the door (assuming dinner is not included).  Or not. 

That particular year and the ALL year reunions are NOT competing, they are coordinating.  

           Plus...   as a benefit to that particular year's reunion ... they will make more money towards their festivities from money collected at the door from their "ALL 1960’s Reunion" guests.      Based on what I’ve been told by class members of the 1960s, the older we get, the less turn out we have at the reunions, of course.   It makes sense to combine the two reunions each year.      If you just want to visit with some old friends without having to plan a reunion .... You'll know where they are!!  You can choose to come one evening for dinner (for the cost of the dinner)   OR   to attend both evenings, every year, or two or three .....Whatever you choose.

I'm beginning the set-up phase of our website  “mcalesterhighschool1960sreunion.com" mailing list.       I have a few talents ... unfortunately ... computer tech is NOT one of them!! ha ha but true!!  
Anybody interested in giving a helping hand with the mailing list????

We would like to add your name and e-mail address inside the website as a contact for ourselves and other classmates.    Thank you to those who have already sent me your information!!  Although I have received your e-mail, phone & address information, I will NOT post it onto our website.  It has been added to our private mailing list.  If you would like to communicate with other classmates, go to the website and post your profile as described below.     It’s easy.

You may also visit mcalesterhighschool1960sreunion.com", *  go to the tab “MHS 1960s Reunion”, *  scroll to the bottom of that page.  *  You will see a tab “Add Your Profile”.  Click on that and it pulls up a dropdown menu where you can *  type your name and profile as you choose.        You will enter a username and password for you to maintain your profile.  It will NOT show your e-mail address on the site, but you WILL be able to contact everyone who has registered.   You will see the information that your profile publishes onto the site for others to see.   For more fun.... Be sure to register!!   
I will be sending the SURVEY to all registered class members on or around May 2, 2019 to the e-mail address provided.  

I need help with classmate contact information.  Remember, it is kept private until they post their profile on the website.  Do you know who has the most recent contact roster for your particular class?   Will you contact them and ask them to help by forwarding this inquiry and invitation to your classmates?  

Please, pass this information along to your classmate friends that you keep in contact with, so we can add them to our mailing list for further notifications.   

Our website is a product of myevent.com… a company that sells event planning sites for things like class reunions, family reunions, weddings, showers and parties in general.  They are designed for total privacy and provide tech support for any “glitches”.  This is what we have in mind:

*     Create a website where anyone from any of the 1960s classes can log into, become a member of, and converse with any of the classmates of the 1960s privately.

*     Create an opportunity to send each classmate a survey to ask questions such as  #1  Choose a year you would like to hold our first reunion      #2  Which month of that year?   #3  What events are you interested in?   ... Myevent.com “survey” will tally the votes and create a report of the most popular answers.    The most popular votes will determine the dates and events of the reunion and these results will be sent to each classmate along with an ALL Classes of the 1960's Reunion invitation.   

You can also access the survey questions as they are being developed by going to the website mcalesterhighschool1960sreunion.com and clicking on “survey”.  If you want to add any additional options or questions, e-mail me.

*     Once these decisions are tallied ... our website will have the ability to make reservations and collect money in advance for tickets and deposit it into a 1960's Reunion bank account, hosted and maintained by myevent.com,
 then send the tickets to you.  

*     We are now able to receive photos that classmates would like to post on the website.  Again, go to "mcalesterhighschool1960sreunion.com" or to my private
e-mail:  dynaldy1@att.net.   All you have to do is post your pictures. 
The package that I purchased allows us to post up to 1,000 pictures!!!  How fun!!!

Bottom line ... I do not want to be in-charge of planning these events.  Your votes will plan all events as long as your votes are received before the deadline.  I would like to see at least 5 to 10 or more classmates from each of the 1960's classes to gather their creative ideas and to spread the news of our website.    For the convenience of everyone, if necessary, meetings will be held via social media.

Once we get the e-mail addresses set up, it should be pretty quick and easy because of the survey.  When?  Where?  What and How much?  

DON'T FORGET ...the deadline for me to receive your e-mail contact information is MAY 1, 2019  Your survey will be e-mailed to you on or about May 2, 2019.

Please respond to the survey no later than May 15th, 2019.    VOTE!         
If you know someone who is not connected to social media,  please  contact  them  yourself or let me know so someone can call or write to them.

Your votes will be tallied on or around May 16, 2019 then ... you will receive an invitation to our reunion within a few weeks after the votes are tallied by myevent.com survey. 

If you are not interested in attending, it would still be nice to hear from you to confirm that we have your correct contact information and that you were not accidentally left out.  REMEMBER ... deadline to receive your SURVEY is MAY 15, 2019.  Looking forward to hearing from you with your ideas, suggestions an photos.  

Deadline May 1st:   Return your E-MAIL ADDRESS, phone number & graduating class year (if you received this by a second party)

Your ALL 1960's Reunion Survey will be sent out on or around May 2, 2019

Deadline May 15th:        Return your SURVEY to be tallied

You will then receive the results of our survey and a reunion invitation.
We will coordinate dates and events as needed with the current year's MHS class reunion.

Below is where you click on "Add My Profile", then "submit"

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