McAlester High School classes of the 1960s

Hi, I'm Sharon Humphrey from the MHS Class of 1969.  Would you be interested in an ALL Classes of the 1960's Reunion?

I remember my first day of junior high in the 1963-1964 school year, being on the school grounds and seeing all the awesome "big kids", meeting ya'll throughout the year, watching ya'll perform in various activities, learning who dated whom ... heck ... learning to date when I was old enough!!... molding my junior high years based on the examples I learned from watching ya'll.  I would love to know you as adults after all of these years!!  
The purpose of this is to celebrate all the McAlester High School classes of the 1960s.
Our goal is to contact each student of all 1960s classes and to provide a means to communicate via our new and upcoming website  “”… in the hopes of creating interest in an ALL 1960s class reunion.
Honestly, I'm not sure where to go from here.   I am beginning the set-up phase of our website “”.    I have a few talents ... however ... computer tech is NOT one of them !!!!!  ha ha, but true!

Would you mind if we put your name on and your e-mail address inside the web page as a contact for ourselves and other classmates?   Thanks to those who have already sent me this information!

Do you know who, from your class, would have the most recent contact roster for the classes of the 1960s?   How can I/we contact them?  My phone number is posted below.

Please, it would be helpful if you will pass this information along to your classmate friends that you keep in contact with, so we can add them to our web page for further notifications. 

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to figure out this website thing!!!
This is what we have in mind. What do you think?

*   Create a website where anyone from any of the 1960s classes can log into and converse with any of the classmates privately, or as a group

*   Create an opportunity to send each classmate a survey (Survey Monkey??? Or, whatever, it doesn't matter) to ask questions such as: #1  Choose a year you would like to have our first 60s Reunion (3 choices).    #2  Which quarter of the year would you choose to hold a reunion (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)   &   #3  Which month of that quarter) ....Survey Monkey tallies the votes and creates a report of the most popular answers. The results would be sent to each classmate.  Etc, etc  

*   Once those decisions are tallied ..... Our website will have the ability to make reservations and collect money in advance for tickets, if that is something that we choose to do, and deposit it into a 60's Reunion bank account.  We will, of course, want two signees/signatures.

*   We will be able to receive photos that classmates would like to post to the website.  We are allowed up to 1,000 free photos.

Bottom line .... I do not want to be in-charge of planning these events.   I would like to see at least 5-10 or more classmates from each 1960's class to gather their creative ideas and to spread the news of our website. For the convenience of everyone, our necessary meeting will be held via social media. 

Once we get this set up, it should be pretty easy.  When?  Where? How much?

Your opinion?

Sharon Humphrey